What Is CrossFit

The CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Still not sure what it is, continue reading. To help you understand exactly what this means I am going to break it down into smaller pieces and then explain how beneficial it is when all these pieces come together.


When the majority of people exercise they develop some type of routine that they tend to follow on a weekly basis. I was part of this as well and my training use to consist of something along the lines of; Monday – chest & tri’s, Tuesday – back and bi’s, Wednesday – shoulders and legs (although legs were skipped often), Thursday – more arms… and so on. I would do my 3-4 sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps and move on. I would see results up to a point but then my body would adjust to this routine and my progress would come to a screeching halt.

What I am getting at is that routine is the enemy. CrossFit incorporates so many different exercises and rep schemes that your body never becomes accustomed to the style of training, therefore providing better results. To give you an example of this I will ask you to imagine a body builder that you might have seen on a Planet Fitness commercial (I pick things up and put them down). This guy would obviously excel in certain exercises like bench press, squats, and bicep curls.

Now take this same guy and give him the task of running 400 meters followed by 20 pull-ups for 3 rounds as quickly as he can and I bet you he will struggle big time. CrossFit’s constantly varied idea is all about preparing you anything. Do not confuse constantly varied training with random. We program our workouts carefully and it is not just pulling exercises out of a hat. Part of never having a routine is what makes this style of training exciting and addicting.


This brings us to explaining exactly what functional movements are and how we incorporate them in our training. Functional movements are natural day to day movements that are essential to our quality of life. This includes picking things up (deadlifting), placing them overhead (pressing), standing up and sitting down (squatting) just to name a few. We train functional movements because they are safe when done properly and because they are movements found everywhere and not just inside the walls of a gym.

How often have you had to squat down, pick something up, and then place it on something over your head? This is done every day by people of all ages, therefore it is important for us to know how to do it safely.


That brings us to explaining what high intensity training is. Basically, high intensity training will get you the results you want! When you hear “high intensity” I do not want you to immediately think of some workout where you are going to be puking half way through and then being so sore you cannot move normally for a week. High intensity is relative to each individual and our workouts are scaled depending on each individual’s ability.

Imagine that person, maybe yourself, which you have seen at the gym walking on the treadmill and reading a book or magazine. I bet it is safe to say that the intensity level of their training is not too high. If you are truly looking to achieve results and make the important changes in your health you will have to increase the intensity of your training. We will slowly increase intensity and take you out of your comfort zone in order to achieve desirable results.


So what do you get when we put all these together? You get a training experience unlike anything you have ever done. You get results. By combining a constantly changing exercise scheme that incorporates a multitude of exercises that are necessary for day to day life, and slowly increasing the intensity at which one performs these tasks you will be amazed at the difference CrossFit makes in your life.


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