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  1. holly,roan,and phineas says:

    thankyou ,thankyou,thankyou,for making us feel so all are greatly apreciated,xoxo,from our family to yours we wish you health,love and joy,love holly,sergio,roan and phineas

  2. Jennifer Farley says:

    I AM SO THRILLED I JOINED. It’s not even a week yet and I’m suddenly out of this really awful rut. THANK YOU.

  3. do you offer kids crossfit classes? My daughter is dying to try it out!

    • Hey Jamie,

      We do but we run them in blocks of weeks at a time. We are finishing a 6 week program next Friday. We will then start to organize another program once we determine the best days and times to offer it – which depends on school sports and such. We try to make it work with teens schedule the best we can. If you would like, I can contact you when we start advertising the next program.

  4. Hi, how can I join you guys?? and try it out cause going to gym but i guess its not working for me..

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