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Welcome to the Hudson Valley Games homepage!

We are excited about this event and we look forward to an intense level of competition from all of the participants!  Last years event was the first we held and it was such a great day.  We were introduced to so many great people and talented athletes.  The energy and comradery in the gym was something you have to experience first hand to truly appreciate.  As a result we have decided to do it again and invite our local affiliates to test their fitness levels once again.

So What Is This All About?

Well, it’s simple. If you call yourself a CrossFitter, then you thrive on healthy competition. Every day you dig deep to get that extra rep or cut a few seconds off your time.  Having someone or something give you that little extra “push” is what makes the difference between CrossFit and any other workout.

With the completion of the 2013 CrossFit Games, we figured it might be nice to hold our own competition locally that would allow participants to see where they rank among their peers.


What Are The Details?

This event will be held at CrossFit Ulster on September 28, 2013.  We are located at 618 Ulster Avenue in Kingston, NY.  The day will begin at 9:00am for those interested in participating in a 30 minute seminar on food intake and supplementation leading up to and during competitions such as this.  From there we will begin the competition at 10:00am sharp.  During the course of the day there will be a food offered by Duo Bistro and a fresh juice bar set up by The Little Apple.

How Does It Work?

Very easy.  Follow this link to sign up:

The price is $50 and the first 30 males and females to sign up will be participating in this years event.

What WOD’s Are We Competing In?

1)  8:00 to establish a 1RM clean and jerk (ground to overhead)

2) 3:00 AMRAP

    500 meter row then max burpees

    Rest 3:00

    3:00 AMRAP

    500 meter row then max burpees

* You will receive 4 scores and rankings for this workout.  Scores will be input for both row efforts and both burpee efforts.

3) Ascending ladder of thrusters and toes to bar – 8:00 AMRAP

     1 thruster 95/65

     1 toe to bar

     2 thrusters

     2 toes to bar


What Is On The Line??

The top two male and female participants will receive cash prizes.

Most importantly – bragging rights!!


Still Have Questions?

Feel free to email us at and we will respond promptly.  We are very excited about this challenge and look forward to seeing how the competition pushes each of you to reach new goals.



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