Flexibility is “the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint”

It is achieved through training that, once again, results in “measurable” changes in the body.

To improve flexibility means to “increase range of motion, as well as increasing bone, ligament and joint stability“.

Flexibility is an often overlooked aspect of physical fitness

However, a lack thereof, can hinder performance in every other general physical skill. CrossFit stresses flexibility both in relation to multiple modalities and in terms of overall fitness.

A comprehensive CrossFit Kids program addresses flexibility training in each and every workout. In some cases the application will be a product of the movement, i.e. elbows up in a thruster or hips back in a squat.

Other times we emphasize a specific area of flexibility, i.e. active stretching or various gymnastics movements, Jump to Support on the rings, Tuck sits, L sits and progressions from parallettes, headstands, handstands, muscle ups, bear crawls, crab and seal walks are all incorporated to improve flexibility.

Flexibility, as much as any general physical skill, is an ongoing process rather than a static point of achievement. Consistent training offers marked improvement that is continuously countered by aging joints.

We are helping our kids embark on a path that will allow them to bend and stretch beyond the years of those “freakishly” flexible (watch the contortions your kids achieve while watching TV) joints of childhood.


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