Couples Plan

“The couple that trains together, stays together.”

Someone said that somewhere at sometime. We’re sure of it.

Well, if they didn’t, they should have because it’s true. The benefits of training with your special loved-one, partner, or spouse cannot be understated. You share a home and being fit would make living together a more enjoyable, rewarding experience.

Not everyone can find it in themselves to train together as a couple. In most unions, one probably likes to train more than the other. The rewards are worth it to you as a couple, and to the world at large as you become healthier, happier, more productive citizens.

Your Card Will Be Charged $180 Every Month

When you sign up below, you’ll establish your online account, which will list both your names. You’ll be given full access to your account for billing and membership needs, to include class scheduling and more.

Even though this is recurring billing, you can cancel this yourself from within your membership account, at any time. But in light of those two major discounts (free On-Ramp and loyalty program discount) we’ll need to speak to you prior to making cancellation official.

Hey. Life happens. We know that. We’d just appreciate the chance to come up with a plan that works for us all.


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